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my life is a soap opera

i just found out i have a half-sister(same father different mothers) who is the same age as me,but she was born in jan and i was born in april


if anyone is actually reading my posts,but in all actuality it doesn't really matter,at least my mother doesn't know i have this page,and i'm sure as hell going to tell her about it either.
is it bad?that i couldn't wait to get the hell away from my mother,i swear one more second i would of screamed,she has become so damn hateful. she asked you have to be a natural born citizen to be president,and i thought to myself oh here we go again with the obama thing again,but no she mentioned  arnold S.,i said even if he was born here i don't think he'll ever run for president.this is the only place i can vent,because i can't put it on facebook or myspace,because she checks those.i love my mom,but i'm glad i'm not around her all the time,i mentioned this to my sis and she said why do you think i don't come over to her house



Are people saying such hateful things about barack obama,my mother already has him impeached,and he hasn't even got into office yet.

they call him a baby killer because he is pro-choice,well i guess that makes me a baby killer also,because  no one has the  right to tell another woman what to do with her body.


i must be the luckiest bitch around

why  do i say that?well  i didn't get sucked down into the abyss of drug addiction,even though it was all around me .the people who were doing it were a bunch of back stabbing mofo's and supposibly they were all friends,who would steal just about anything and everything,they even stole stuff from me,but i couldn't prove it,but the joke was on them because the little boom box they stole from me wasn't even mine,it was an ex-boyfriends,ha! stupid tweakers

Simple Words

Seems some high school  graduates don't know how to spell them. Simple words that they learned in elementary school.for example i have seen some spell the word first,this way, frist ,that doesn't even make sense.The other day i saw someone spell wonderful,this way ,wounderful.It just drives me nuts,i guess i'm just weird that way,i admit i have mispelled some words,but they weren't simple words.